108 S Bellinger Street, Herkimer, NY 13350 - 315 866 7961

Our first location: 117 North Main Street in Herkimer (1986 to 2005)

A family business in a family setting since 1986.

This is where it all began, on Main Street in Herkimer. Vinny opens their first pizzeria and stayed here for 19 years.

This is where is all began.

It took us almost a year to find a place to relocate. Our present location is our biggest restaurant to date, more than double in size to accommodate a family setting and dining room.

2nd Location: South Caroline Street  - the old Herkimer Bowling Center (2005 to 2007)

Present Location: South Bellinger Street – formerly TP’s Drive-In (2008 to Present)

To celebrate over 30 years in business, Vinny's Pizzeria decided to honor its founders Vincent (Nonno) and Catherine (Nanna) Marchese by bottling their famous sauces and dressing. Now when you can't get to Vinny's Pizzeria, you can bring a little bit of the pizzeria into your home-- it's the exact same recipe we serve in our restaurant.

 (2016 to Present)

Vinnys moved from Main Street to S. Caroline St. for more space, unfortunately Feb. snow storms caused the roof to collapse on Feb. 27th 2007.

The Utica Observer Dispatch covered the roof cave in here.

About 60 percent of restaurants go out of business within their first three years. The first year is always the hardest— with 44 percent failing to get off the ground.

At Vinnys we’ve been around for 30. With the industry and economy constantly changing, Vinnys has managed to stay abreast of trends, regulations, consumer wants and a number of other dynamics. We’ve done this by keeping it simple: serve Mohawk Valley area residents the finest homemade foods made fresh daily, with generous portions at a fair price.

Another key factor for any restaurant’s success is location, below are Vinny’s locations over the last 30 years. The entire family’s focus is on one restaurant and providing a consistent product that our customers have come to expect and deserve.  

We’ve come a long way in 30 years without ever leaving Herkimer and we’d have it no other way. Thank you for your continued patronage, we're looking forward to the next 30 years.